Undergraduate Courses                                                  

0603412 Electromagnetic Fields (3 hours)


        Vector Analysis,

        Electrostatics in free space

        Electric Potential

        Boundary conditions for electrostatic fields

        Electrostatic energy and forces

        Solution of Electrostatic problems

        Steady electric currents


        Magnetostatics in free space

        Vector Magnetic Potential

        Magnetic circuits

        Behavior of magnetic materials

        Boundary conditions for magnetostatic fields

        Inductance and inductors

        Magnetostatic energy, forces, and torques

0603512 Electromagnetic Waves (3 hours)

        Time-varying fields and Maxwell equations

        Electromagnetic boundary conditions

        Plane electromagnetic waves

        Energy flow and Poynting vector

        Reflection and Refraction

0603601 Microwaves (3 hours)

        Transmission Lines 

        Impedance transformers

        Impedance matching and Smith Chart

        Rectangular and circular waveguides

        Discontinuities in waveguides

        Resonant cavities


0603702 Microwave Laboratory (3 hours)

        Measurement of microwave power, SWR measurement, measurement of wavelength and frequency

        Characteristics of microwave oscillators

        Impedance measurement and matching

        Measurement of passive microwave components; cavity resonators, waveguides, slotted lines, directional couplers, and magic-T.

   Graduate Courses                                                           

EEM 501 Advanced Microwave Technique (3 hours)

        Conformal Mapping Techniques

        Variational Methods

        Integral equations for planar transmission lines

        Microwave Network Analysis

        Scattering Matrix and Transmission (ABCD) Matrix

EEM 504 Microwave Circuits (3 hours)

        Microstrip, Stripline, and Coplanar Lines


       Wave velocities and Dispersion

       Coupled line, Directional couplers, Hybrids, and Power dividers

       Microwave resonators

       Periodic structures, and microwave filters